What To Do In and Around Port Clinton

  • Port Clinton Hotel -

    • Port Clinton Hotel has been serving the tri-state area for over 100 years. A mile North of Cabela's, Rt 78, and just off the Appalachian Trail, our full service restaurant and bar has something for everyone!

  • Port Clinton Barber Shop

    • A barbershop? A bluegrass concert?  And antique store?  All of the above! 

  • Hermy's  BMW Motorcycles

    • Stop in and see the difference a real rider's shop can make - from service loaners to demo rides to two-wheeled know how, Hermy's has you covered! 


  • Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

  • Cabelas

  • Yeungling Brewery

  • Reading Railroad Heritage Museum

  • Reading and Northern Train Rides

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